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Karbamazepin-Nika – is a dibenzoazepine derivativiand, has an antiseizure , neutrotropic, moodaltering and antidiuretic action

Pharmacological properties
Anticonvulsant drug, a derivative of tricyclic iminostilbene. It is believed that anticonvulsant action is associated with a decrease in the ability of neurons to maintain a high frequency of development of repeated action potentials through inactivation of sodium channels.
Carbamazepine also has a moderate antimanic, antipsychotic effect, as well as an analgesic effect in neurogenic pain. The antidiuretic effect of carbamazepine can be associated with a hypothalamic effect on the osmoreceptors, which is mediated through the secretion of the antidiuretic hormone, as well as by direct action on the renal tubules.
The anticonvulsant activity of the drug is combined with antidepressant (timoleptic) and normotime effects. The drug reduces the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures and is characterized by a large breadth of therapeutic effect. Has analgesic effect in trigeminal neuralgia.

Indications for use
- generalized epileptic seizures;
- Focal (partial) seizures with simple and complex symptoms;
- behavioral disorders associated with epilepsy;
- prevention of exacerbations of manic-depressive psychosis;
- trigeminal neuralgia;
- Diabetic neuropathy;
- alcohol withdrawal syndrome;
- diabetes insipidus of central origin;
- epilepsy.
There are contraindications, before use, consult with the doctor!