Инструкция по применению


Loperamid Nika – gets with an opioid receptor to gut wall, inhibits releasing acetyl choline and prostaglandin, by this reduces peristaltic and increase time for intestinal transit. It levels up an anal constrictor tone, by this retracts bowel and retching a defecation

Pharmacological properties
Loprax has the effect:
Loperamide refers to synthetic derivatives of opioids.It does not cause euphoria, phenomena of mental and physical dependence, but retains the property of morphine-like substances to change the intestinal motility. The drug, acting on the nerve endings and intramural ganglion of the small intestine, indirectly affects the contraction of the circular and longitudinal muscles of the intestinal walls. In general, the drug inhibits intestinal peristalsis, but at the same time increases the contraction of the circular musculature, causing segmentation of the intestine. Increases the tone of the anal sphincter, contributing to the retention of stool and the reduction of urge to defecate. Simultaneously, loperamide reduces secretion and increases the absorption of water and electrolytes.Due to these properties, loperamide slows the progress of intestinal contents, and also reduces the release of fluid and electrolytes with feces. It reduces the daily volume of feces and increases the viscosity and density of intestinal contents. In large doses, loperamide inhibits the secretion of gastric juice.
Action develops quickly and lasts 4-6 hours.

Indications for use
Symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea of various origins (allergic, emotional, medicinal, radiation, with a change in diet and quality of food, in violation of metabolism and absorption, as an auxiliary for diarrhea of infectious genesis).
Regulation of stool in patients with ileostomy.
There are contraindications, before use, consult with the doctor!