Инструкция по применению


Pharmacological properties
Combined drug, the effect of which is due to its constituent components.
Paracetamol - analgesic-antipyretic, affects the centers of pain and thermoregulation. It has analgesic and antipyretic effect. Reduces headache and muscle pain, fever, softens the pain in the throat.
Phenylephrine hydrochloride - has a vasoconstrictive effect, facilitates breathing through the nose and helps purify the nasal passages and paranasal sinuses.
Ascorbic acid - participates in the regulation of oxidation-reduction processes, carbohydrate metabolism, increases the body's resistance to infections.

Indications for use
Infectious and inflammatory diseases (acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infection, influenza) accompanied by fever, chills, headache, joint and muscle pain, nasal congestion, pain in the throat and sinuses of the nose.
Dosage and adminitration: Pour the contents of one package into a glass, pour hot water, stir until completely dissolved and drink hot. Adults take 1 packet every 4-6 hours. Do not take more than 4 sachets within 24 hours.
There are contraindications, before use, consult with the doctor!