Инструкция по применению


Pharmacological properties
Xylometazoline has an alpha-adrenomimetic effect, narrowing of peripheral vessels. Due to its vasoconstrictive effect it reduces edema and flushing of the nasal mucosa. Reduces the amount of secreted secret, restores the patency of the nasal passages, facilitates nasal breathing. Effectively eliminates runny nose and nasal congestion. Effectively eliminates runny nose and nasal congestion. Action comes in a few minutes and lasts for several hours. Eucalyptus oil has a bactericidal, antiviral and fungicidal effect.

Indications for use
• Acute allergic rhinitis,
• Pollinosis,
• Sinusitis,
• Average otitis media (to reduce edema of the nasopharyngeal mucosa);
• Preparation of the patient for diagnostic procedures in the nasal passages.
There are contraindications, before use, consult with the doctor!